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Wow, amazing! I SO love your posts, I always jump with joy when I see a new post on your blog! :) Thanks for posting these amazing pictures and interesting stories!
This year we are traveling to Korea but I really hope that we can travel to Japan next year. And if we do, I want to go and swim with the dolphins too! :)


Hi there.

As always I enjoyed going to Mikurajima 'with you'.

Already looking forward to next year's trip.



You sure you want to come back to Canada? Then again what we lack in dolphin porn we make up for in cold ;P


Happy belated birthday, Amy!
(from a silent but loyal reader in California)


Wow! Beautiful!

Chris Quinones

Absolutely gorgeous photography! I loved seeing all of them: the scenic, food and dolphins. The food looked really yummy especially the homestyle meals. I always look forward to a new post on your blog, and can't wait to show your blog to my son who has declared with his fiance' that they wish to eat only Japanese food for a whole year.


I also love seeing your dolphin photo's each year. Sooooo gorgeous. The sexy ones were beautiful (only one had more info than I expected : O !! But it's nature and that's cool). Enjoyed this post as I do all your posts and esp the nature ones. Thanks!

bedroom dresser

Great pictures! I love it! I have been dreaming to see dolphins in person! How I wish I can go for a vacation, even for a week.


Your pictures make it look so pretty there


What kind of camera(s) do you use ?
Your photos are breathtaking !

Japanese words

Wow great shots. I am completely envious about your swim with dolphins. I have seen them down here in Miyakojima, but haven't had the chance to swim with them.


Aspasia, the cold and the lack of dolphin porn are definite drawbacks to living in Canada, but I'm hoping that the perogies and poutine will balance that out.

Yukine, these were all taken with a variety of cameras, most of them not mine. If you click on a picture it will take you to its Flickr page, and you should find camera info at bottom right.

And thanks everyone else for your lovely comments!

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